CZ PLAST – rotomolding production

CZ PLAST is focused on rotomolding production – we produce wide range of various tanks – fuel, AdBlue, hydraulic, water, etc., also air-ducts, covers and roofs, water sumps, water-meter shafts and other products. The main advantages of this technology are uniform inner structure of the material, shape memory of the product and last but not least absence of inner stresses and seams.

What is rotomolding

Rotomolding or rotomoulding or rotational molding is a modern method of plastic processing to produce seamless products. The final product obtains its specific properties by aid of gravity, heat, tool shape and slow bi-axial rotation. The rotomolded products do have wide use in our world.

More about technology

FOR ARCH Sept 17-21, 2019, 30th International Building Fair
FOR ARCH Sept 17-21, 2019, 30th International Building FairWe are back at FOR ARCH in Prague after a year. We have introduced our new products – low profile water tank VARIO and filtration shaft for rainwater harvesting. Thanks to all visitors of our booth.
New low-profile rainwater harvesting tank VARIO 2.1 cu.m.
We would like to introduce new low-profile self-supporting water tank of volume 2100 litres, to be used in territories with high water level or rocky terrain.
Rainwater harvesting tanks save both environment as well as your budget
Long-term dry weather and shortage of rains came to the Czech Republic. The one and only solution – more economical dealing with water – is also supported by subsidies. Special underground tanks are used for rainwater harvesting. The water therefrom is generally used for garden watering and toilet flushing. Save drink water and get the underground rainwater accumulation tank, for which you will receive in many cases a state subsidy.