Water meter shafts, waste water shafts and septic tanks

We have launched our own water programme in 2009

Water meter shafts

This shaft is used to accommodate water meter and other components necessary for water mains connection to a house. There are two basic types of these shafts according to the position of the water meter device itself. The first one – coded KJV – standard shaft with meter located at the bottom of the tank in non-freezing depth, and GEO series, with a meter gauge just a few inches under ground level in special insulated chamber; shaft is opened on its bottom thus heated by the Earth from below. Both types comply with requirements of CSN 75411:2006.
You will find the entire range of our water-meter shafts in our e-shop.

Sewage water shafts and septic tanks

We do deliver shafts for all types of sewerage systems. Our shafts are of monolithic design, water-tight, mechanically and chemically resistant, long-term stable – material they are made from neither corrode nor deteriorate; the smooth inner surface can be easily cleaned.

Our sewage water shafts comply with requirements of applicable European Standards according to the way of use.
Number of the shafts can be found in our e-shop.