Rainwater harvesting tanks save both environment as well as your budget


Czech rainwater tanks

CZ PLAST is Czech company focused on rotomolding production.  Rotomolded products keep high standards and virgin prime polyethylene materials are used for production of rainwater tanks.

Why to have rainwater harvesting tank?

  • Consumption of potable water in the household drops down for up to 30%
  • Water costs savings
  • Subsidies reduce the initial costs of the tank
  • Independency due to own our surplus of non-potable water during dry season
  • Economical and ecological water management
  • Plastic underground rainwater tank does not seize any space in the garden
  • Soft rainwater does not cause fur deposits
  • Rainwater is ideal for plants watering

Main benefit of rainwater harvesting tanks

All rainwater falling on buildings’ roofs is driven by gutters into sewage and then to waste water cleaning plants. Rainwater is polluted in the sewage system and is of no further use. Thanks to rainwater harvesting system is that collected in one big tank and becomes ready for use according to your needs.

Rainwater is soft water and thus the best for plants watering. Collected water can be used for toilet flushing and loundry washing. Purchase the rainwater harvesting tank with our partner, for whom we do manufacture them.

Accumulation tanks

Due to being undergrlound the stored water is kept at low temperatures, what substantially reduces the bacteria growth . There is no need to use chlorine or other chemistry to keep the water fresh.
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